Babu Manjooran

A teacher with unique pedagogical skill and a flair for teaching English. He has been the motivating force behind Manjoorans for all these years. His dedication and passion for imparting knowledge to students has always been exemplary. The unique method he developed to teach English irrespective of the academic qualification of a student has helped thousands to master English in a short span of time.

Lissy Manjooran

An effective and talented teacher, administrator, housewife, farmer, mother all blended in to one. Her leadership qualities have been one of the many factors behind the saga of success of Manjoorans. The creativity and problem solving skill mixed with uncommon common sense are admirable qualities which helped Manjoorans grow beyond our wildest dreams. She has navigated Manjoorans through many a turbulent sea common to any venture.

Anand Manjooran

Young and vibrant with a vision for the future for Manjoorans Anand is the future promise of the group.Blessed with the gift of unique creativity and courage he is in charge of the Study Abroad wing of Manjoorans.He is also an accomplished off-roader with a passion for adventure and fun.

Vineetha Manjooran

Vineetha Manjooran is the head of the international operations of Manjoorans. With a Masters in in English Language she is gifted with a flair for teaching English. Her goal is to bring the service of Manjoorans to other countries or reach the unreached.

Biju Chacko


With a Masters in law and accountancy he has wide exposure to international business. He was the Manager Finance and Administration of Salah Interiors Group of Companies LLC,the UAE.

Roans P Kurian


Roans P Kurian is a lawyer with vast experience in practicing law and business. With his skill and knowledge he leads Manjoorans in the success track.