The purpose of National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX RN) is to determine if it is safe for you to practice as an entry level nurse. NCLEX RN is not intended to check your nursing knowledge, but analyses how you apply the nursing knowledge to make judgments.

Facts about NCLEX-RN

  • Computer Based Test
  • Only provided in the CAT (computerized adaptive testing ) format
  • Results are used by boards of nursing/regulatory bodies (BONs/RBs) to make decisions about licensure/ registration
  • No refund of registration fees for any reason

NCLEX RN Grading System

  • No Numerical Score
  • Determines a PASS/FAIL at the conclusion
  • Only BON(Board of Nursing )/RBs can release results to candidates
  • Published 2-4 weeks after test date

NCLEX RN Question Frame

CategorySubcategoryPercentage of Questions from Each Category
Safe & Effective Care EnvironmentManagement of Care17-23
Safety & Infection Control9 -15
Health Promotion & Maintenance-6-12
Psychosocial Integrity-6-12
Physiological IntegrityBasic Care & Comfort6-12
Pharmacological & Parenteral Therapies12-18
Reduction of Risk Potential9-15
Physiological Adaptation11-17

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