German Language Training

German Language Training

Nurses who wish to work in German-speaking hospitals must learn specific medical German vocabulary and expressions used in the German medical system. We expertise you for the linguistic requirements of working in Germany and the offered course is comprehensively designed for the medical field. The training also focus is on daily language dealing with work situations. The program ensures conversation and pronunciation exercises based on practice-relevant content to assure better communication between nurses and the patients.

Levels of German Training:

There are 6 levels in German Course training and we start each level from the scratch.


  • Improves vocabulary
  • Build on basic grammar
  • Make you capable to speak and write simple enquiries and its answers


  • Familiarize you with everyday situations
  • Make you capable to read and understand simple sentences


  • Basic Grammar Structures
  • Discussions on specific topics


  • Immersing into issues related with work scenario
  • Discussions on more difficult topics


  • Complicated sentence making and speaking


  • You will be a fluent German Speaker

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