Tips to Better your PTE Listening Scores

In Listening section of PTE that lasts for between 45-57 minutes two of your skills are tested – Listening and Writing. Active listening plays a vital role. While listening to the clip being played, you are allowed to take the notes and also adjust the volume. If you have already given the test you would be familiar with the format of the PTE test. Try these tips to improve your listening score.

  • Set a routine and practice active listening everyday

Set a couple of hours daily to practice active listening. Listening is a real-time task and you are given only one chance to hear it. If you miss the vital points you are lost. Instead of summarizing the entire audio clip. Here is what you can do to improve your active listening skill.

  • Pay attention and concentrate. Do not let your mind wander.

Write down the keywords, words relevant to the conversation and the repeated words, as you may not remember everything that was said. The keywords include the place, date and time mentioned in the conversation. When you listen, understand the meaning of the conversation under discussion. This will give you an idea of the whole conversation.

  • Listen to a podcast

Listening to at least one podcast in a day, is another way to develop your listening skills. Here the speaker tries to narrate a story on a specific topic which is somewhat similar to your PTE listening task.

  • Listen to documentaries and ted talks of speakers with different English accents

Listen to documentaries and ted talks of your interest in the beginning. Gradually move on to the topics that are academic in nature or related to global issues. When you listen to English speakers from various countries, you get a gist of various accents in English. Subsequently, you will get familiarized with a variety of intonations and pronunciations.

  • Practice in a crowded room

Remember, the testing center will have many candidates who are appearing for the test, hence there will be disturbance around. Therefore, it is wise to practice the audio material in a crowded room or with music / television switched on. Similarly, on the examination day, wait for someone else to start the listening section before you start. This will send a signal to your brain to get familiarized to the surrounding sounds. This technique will help you focus and concentrate on the task you have at hand. Always keep your eye on the timer on the screen. You need to manage your time well if you have to complete all the questions in the listening section.

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