Everything you need to know about Computer Based Tests (CBT)

With the emergence of Internet and computer technologies, many paper based international tests (PBT) have been replaced with computer based tests (CBT). In the coming days with the advancement in the computer technologies, the trend of CBT is likely to be favored over the PBT among the test-takers. However, many test-takers have a lot of queries regarding the CBT format. Reading the following will help clarify the doubts of test takers.

Frequently Asked CBT Questions
• Which sections of the test come under CBT?
If you have opted for CBT, then all the subsections, writing, reading and listening, of your examination will come under CBT. The question format, marking and the timings will be similar to the PBT.

• When will the test results be made available after the CBT test format?
The advantage of opting for CBT is that the results of an examination will be made available in a few days’ time after taking the test.

• Will the CBT test affect the test-takers performance and scores?
This is a concern of most of the test-takers. However, if you have taken enough mock CBT practices you would have realized it is easier than the PBT. Neither would there be any significant difference in the scores awarded or your performance in the test.

• Are the CBT test centers crowded?
The test centers are not as crowded as the PBT test centers. This will help the test-takers to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

• How is the CBT test conducted?
Every test-taker would be given a booth with a computer and a headset. The headset is used for the listening section of all the international tests.

• When does the test begin?
Once you are comfortably seated, you would be asked to the click on the “Start Test” on the introductory screen. It will direct you to the questions.

• How do I know the time?
On top of the screen is a clock that shows the amount of time left before you move to the other sections. The clock will start flashing when you are left with 10 minutes to complete a section.

• Is there an Instruction box and navigation bar?
Instructions pertaining to each part appear in a box at the top of the computer’s screen. The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen enables you to move from one question to another.
Advantages of using CBT
• Most significant benefit of opting for CBT is when you do the Writing component. Typing is easy and comfortable than writing down the answers on a paper.
• You can edit and restructure sentences quickly within the time frame.
• Last but not the least, the word count of your written passages appears on the screen and you do not have to count the words manually.

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